Little Cove Bus Tour of Historic McCulloh Sites

Sometime between 1786 and 1789 our ancestor George McCulloh and his four children settled in the beautiful little valley called Little Cove in Warren Township, Franklin  County, Pennsylvania. George was one of the early settlers and the first McCulloh to settle in the Little Cove area. His son John lived his entire life in there. His many children, including our ancestor Mary Ann McCulloh Lewis, lived there. Her son, Amos McCulloh, was the last of William Edgar McCulloh’s ancestors to live there. Mary Ann’s brother, Archibald Scott McCulloh, lived his entire life in the Little Cove. Many of his descendants lived and died there and even today (as of 2013), over 200 years after George first moved to the Little Cove, three of his descendants, through his grandson Archibald Scott McCulloh, live there still: John McCulloh, Steve McCulloh and Elise (McCulloh) Cook. A fourth descendant, Louise (McCulloh) Heisey, is a part-time resident. This tour is intended to give descendants of these early McCullohs an opportunity to see the historic sites and graves that are part of our long McCulloh history in the Little Cove. You can read a copy of the tour booklet here.


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