Lawson McCullough – 1844 Letter

Lawson McCullough was the son of our direct immigrant ancestor Archibald McCullough. He is the stepbrother of our direct ancestor George McCulloh and the brother of Archie McCullough of the Enoch Brown Massacre. Less than one year before his death, he wrote this very interesting letter from Columbus, Ohio to his granddaughter Elizabeth (McCullough) Mitton and her husband Robert Mitton in Platteville, Wisconsin. Elizabeth was the son of (yet another) Archibald McCullough, Lawson’s first son. In the letter he mentions a Lawson and Mary F. McCullough going to Illinois. This reference is to one of his grandsons and wife. Coincidentally, Lawson senior’s wife was also named Mary F. The Lawson in the letter is the son of Dr. John Lawson McCullough who is also married to a woman named Mary. (So yes, three Lawsons married three Marys.) The “rascal” James mentioned in the letter is his grandson, the brother of Elizabeth Mitton. (Click the images for larger images)




Letter From Lawson McCullough - 1844

Letter From Lawson McCullough – 1844