Archived Original Web Site

Archived MR Site Screen Shot

The web site was launched in 2006. The site was originally constructed using a software product called Web Easy. By 2011 the site had grown to include over 100 pages. At about that time a Web Easy software upgrade was released which we purchased and installed. (As we had done for several earlier updates) Much to our dismay this turned out to be a destructive update. Text boxes throughout the site suddenly began to turn black on a random basis which, of course, rendered the text unreadable. Formatting issues were also caused. We were not the only ones to experience this issue but Web Easy chose not to acknowledge or solve the problem. Consequently, we could no longer update or add pages to the site. We bought two subsequent software updates when they were released in the hope that the problem would be addressed and corrected but clearly there was no intent to fix this issue. In 2013 we finally made the decision to abandon the old Web Easy software and we have completely rebuilt the site from scratch in this new WordPress environment. This was an enormous effort and for various reasons, we have decided not to restore the NEWS and the FAMILIES pages from the old site in this new version. However, most of the pages on the old site were preserved from corruption since we did not update them after the destructive update was installed. Therefore, rather than delete the old site we are making it available here as an archived version of the original site. (For some reason the links to PDF documents and the castle slide show in the old site no longer work but those documents and slide show are all available on the new site.)