Posted November 5, 2013 by Rodney McCulloh in Tombstones


Our McCulloh line stretches back over 250 years here in America, all the way back to 1740. We have spent many years and traveled many miles trying to locate the graves of McCullohs in this direct line. Sadly we have been unable to locate the graves of our original immigrant ancestor Archibald (Lexington, KY) or his son George (Greene County, PA). Pictured above are the oldest known graves in the William Edgar McCulloh line. These are the graves of Archibald’s grandson John McCulloh, his wife Elizabeth and their granddaughter Melinda. Their graves are located in The Little Cove, Franklin County, PA. You can find more information about them and many other McCulloh tombstones as we add them to this site. To access the Tombstone Index click the McCulloh Tombstones link at the top right corner of this page.